Exploring the possibilities together

The Proteus consulting methodology is designed to address 4 key elements of any challenge in a sequence that positions the understanding gained in each step as the foundation for the next.

First, we help the client get a clear sense of "what is"--the strengths and weaknesses, assets and liabilities they will bring to any effort to move forward. This grounds them in current reality, providing a realistic starting point for visioning.

Once a client group has done this, we find they are generally ready to look to the future. We help them to create a clear, aspirational vision of the company, department, or team they want to create. This is "the hope," the endpoint.

These two steps create the foundation for the next two. Since the client now sees clearly where they are (Point A) and where they want to go (Point B), they can begin to look at what's in between--how they'll get from Point A to Point B.

They first need to see what could block their movement. We help them clearly define potential obstacles to achieving the vision--to see "what's in the way."

Now the client is ready for the final step. They know where they're starting from, where they want to go, and what's in the way. We help them to decide, "what's the path," by first agreeing on broad strategies for achieving the vision (and overcoming the obstacles) and then detailing goals and tactics for implementing those strategies.

Leader Readiness

It's your team saying
We're with you – let's go. It's knowing you're worthy of their trust. It's charting a course for the future, and working together to get there.

You can be ready.

We can help.

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