Catalyzing learning

Because the area of building skills and knowledge is so broad, we've prepared case studies in each of three categories:

Standard Learning Solutions
These skill-based modules develop abilities that we have found useful to clients in many industries.
Adding skills, shifting expectations: Talented people were leaving because they weren't getting what they needed to succeed... MORE

Supporting change with learning: This firm was faced with cutting staff or raising productivity... MORE

Custom Learning Services
When clients have learning challenges that require a custom-designed solution, we use our LearningPath™ design approach to create targeted, successful learning programs.
Spreading the seeds of knowledge: This training and development team needed to integrate an expert's knowledge into their business... MORE

Ready to be first to market: Customers were ready for this company's new product, but employees weren't prepared to support it... MORE

LearningPath™ Services
Clients use Proteus LearningPath™ services to increase the return on their investment in learning. This approach ensures that participants are prepared to learn, instructors facilitate learning rather than present material, development initiatives create real change, and the organization's systems and structures support learning.
Improving the quality of learning: Even in the age of online learning, classroom instruction was still important to this company's success. Was there a way to improve in-class learning?... MORE

Building Skills & Knowledge

To achieve the future they’ve envisioned, all the leaders in an organization must continually upgrade their leadership and management skills. We help client companies provide critical learning that changes attitudes and behaviors.

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Leader Readiness

It's your team saying
We're with you – let's go. It's knowing you're worthy of their trust. It's charting a course for the future, and working together to get there.

You can be ready.

We can help.

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