Proteus Development Center: Growing Great Employees

You hire good people, and you want to help them achieve their potential. How do you do it?

A cornerstone to any strategy for growing great employees is to make sure they have the skills they need to succeed in their jobs. Often, organizations do an excellent job of helping their employees gain critical technical and business skills – but are less successful in supporting their employees' skill development in two other key areas: skills for managing and developing others; and skills for working productively with many different types of people.

In working with client companies across a range of industries – from media to manufacturing, financial services to professional services, academia to retail – we've found a consistent need for these core "people" skills. Over the years, we developed uniquely simple and useful learning experiences in both areas, and began offering them to managers in our client organizations since 1990.

The Proteus Development Center now makes these learning experiences available to individuals who want to access them outside our client companies. It's an opportunity for anyone to build skills in these critical areas of people management and teaming.

To find out about the book that helps answer the question, go to Growing Great Employees

Fully Accepted Leader Day

We've declared October 16th Fully Accepted Leader Day, a chance to publicly acknowledge and celebrate the good leaders in your life (but don't let that stop you from doing it every day).

And to discover how "followable" you are as a leader, take the Accepted Leader Assessment.

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