The first 21 years

Proteus grew out of a desire to help clients – both individuals and organizations – get clear about the future they wanted to create for themselves and then figure out how to move toward that future in the simplest and most feasible way.

Erika Andersen, Proteus’ founder, had worked for three different “people development” companies, and she noticed that they all focused primarily on ‘selling their solutions’ rather working with clients to create the successful future they envisioned, by whatever means would best achieve that. She felt that if she could partner with clients in the opposite way – focusing primarily on clarifying and solving their challenges, vs. selling a particular solution – she could build long-term client relationships of true mutual benefit. She hoped to grow a business by helping others grow their businesses.

To fulfill that vision, Erika formed Proteus International, Inc., in 1990. From the beginning, we worked collaboratively with clients to help them articulate and achieve their hoped-for-future. We started by offering learning consultation and design, vision and strategy facilitation, executive coaching and management skills development. Within the first two years Proteus clients included PepsiCo, Taco Bell, and MTV Networks.

Throughout the rest of the nineties we focused on deepening our capabilities and serving a broader range of clients. As our client base expanded, we began to build a Proteus coaching, training and consulting team to serve them. Jeff Mitchell joined Proteus as a partner and President in 2000, to help envision and manage this growth, bringing valuable expertise in business-building, culture change and custom learning design.

The first decade of the 21st century brought more growth: new clients, new team members – and two books, Growing Great Employees and Being Strategic, that offered key elements of the Proteus approach to a larger audience.

The last few years have been, in many ways, the most exciting in our history. We’ve established our Minneapolis office as our operations base, and opened a Manhattan office to better serve our NY-based clients and provide a private, focused location for executive coaching and small team meetings.

We’re also creating a stronger foundation for each of our practice areas (Strengthening Leaders, Clarifying Vision and Strategy and Building Skills and Knowledge) by establishing a Practice Director for each area who works with our team of consultants to continuously improve the quality and depth of our offer in that area.

We have the great privilege of working with clients all over the world; helping them improve their skills, define the future of their organizations, and work better together to achieve that future. And we take pride in practicing what we preach: as we help our clients move toward their hoped-for-future, we are doing the same for ourselves.

Our History

Proteus grew out of a desire to help leaders get ready for the future. Since our start in 1990, we've been helping clients get clear about the future they want to create for themselves and then consistently choose the simplest, most feasible ways to make that future a reality.

Our practice has grown from two US-based consultants to 20 worldwide, supported by a talented and dedicated administrative staff - but our mission remains the same: to help clients clarify and move toward their hoped-for future.

Leader Readiness

It's your team saying
We're with you – let's go. It's knowing you're worthy of their trust. It's charting a course for the future, and working together to get there.

You can be ready.

We can help.